Eating Nutritious Foods

Food means a lot of things to a lot of people.  Food has it's special place for comfort, social gatherings, cultural identity, as well as expressions of love.  Yes, food is an essential part of life, however, our food portions, cooking methods, and eating regimens sometimes hinder the health benefits of the food we choose.  Today, there is so much nutrition information available regarding "good" and "bad" food.  At FitTastic Health, we're dedicated to learning about food (and all the trends) so we can help you make informed healthy decisions for you and your lifestyle!  Join our 90 Day Healthy You Transformation Program!  We'll be delighted to help you on your journey to greater health!

Online Nutrition Coaching

Check out this video!  It contains a few highlights from a nutrition coaching program (Precision Nutrition) that I reference during my coaching sessions.  I completed their  Level 1 Certification and joined their network of global nutrition enthusiast!  Sign up today and let me coach you toward better nutrition and a healthier lifestyle.  Click Here for more details about the program! 


"In my quest for weight loss, I realized my struggle was mainly stemming from poor eating habits that had become deeply rooted in me. During the summer of 2017, Quiana introduced me to an interesting tool cal Precision Nutrition - my answer in undoing all these bad habits that I had accumulated over the years

Presently, Precision Nutrition is not only undoing my poor choices and habits but helping me replace them with good healthy habits. Every morning I look out for my Precision Nutrition email. I love that it helps you make one small change at a time. For instance, it encourages me to eat slowly...which surprisingly I do now! I actually savor my food! It encourages me to stop eating when I’m 80% full than stuffed! My biggest one with them is the visualization...actually seeing yourself with the weight off! It encourages me to move more. 

Although all these are baby steps, I know in 2018 I will reach my goal of shedding 50lbs with the help of Quiana’s Coaching and the Precision Nutrition Program! It’s been a lifesaver!!"